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CES offer students the opportunity to embark in basic Computer Science, Digital Literacy and STEM activities throughout the school year. In primary grades (Grades K-2), students begin their formal study of digital literacy and computer science skills. As they are introduced to the digital world, students explore concepts by integrating basic digital literacy skills with simple ideas about computational thinking. At this level the focus is on learning with digital tools, enhancing the process, and student outcomes. Students begin to choose the best tool to meet a need or solve a problem. They discover ways to think and to use digital tools to complete tasks more easily, collaboratively, and efficiently. Innovative online activities and hands-on offline activities guide students’ exploration to build a solid foundation in STEM skills. Through online games and videos, students learn concepts and vocabulary that will support their learning in higher grades. Students participation quenches a thirst for and build skills in scientific inquiry and investigation. Activities are interdisciplinary, often including literacy skills, math skills, historical and biographical information, and literature that relates to science.

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